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The Venvstas Montmartre Notebooks can be refilled! Keep the covers a lifetime and store or dispose your used refills , place new ones and continue your creative path! Refills are sold in a pack pf 5, this is, 140 pages x 5! Your notebook is part of your personality, only dispose what is needed.

Venvstas Montmartre notebook refills, pack of 5.

  • Refill Pack of 5 pieces. 140 pages, 120g, acid free 100% recyclable Italian made paper blocs. Suitable for ink, pencil, and mixed techniques. 


    Exterior:      210x145mm (8,2"x6,3")
    Paper area: 195x145mm (7,6"x5,7")
    Thickness:   15mm (0,6") 

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