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Venvstas Montmartre - Leather Notebook.

The Venvstas Montmartre is our high quality, hand crafted in Italy notebook. Made out certified vegetally, natural tanned leather and acid-free paper, our refillable notebooks are the finest complement  for your creative time. A true companion that will take on your notes, drawings and sketches. 

MATERIALS: Natural, chrome-free vegetally tanned, certified  Italian leather. Acid free, 100% recyclable 120gx140pages detachable, Italian made refills. 


Exterior:      220x160mm (8,6"x6,3")
Paper area: 195x145mm (7,6"x5,7")
Thickness:   20mm (0,8") 

Venvstas Montmartre - Refills.

The Venvstas Montmartre Notebooks can be refilled! Keep the covers a lifetime and store or dispose your used refills, place new ones and continue your creative path! Refills are sold in a pack of 5, this is, 140 pages x 5! Your notebook is part of your personality, only dispose what is needed.


Refill Pack of 5 pieces. 140 pages, 120g, acid free 100% recyclable Italian made paper blocs. Suitable for ink, pencil, and mixed techniques. 

Exterior:      210x145mm (8,2"x6,3")
Paper area: 195x145mm (7,6"x5,7")
Thickness:   15mm (0,6") 

Venvstas Podium - Pen Rest.

The Venvstas Podium is an accessory specially designed for placing your Venvstas  or any other writing instrument on your desk. Fountain pens, pens, pencils and the 
Carrier will fit, as well as any other instrument up to 20mm in diameter.


MATERIALS:    Lead-free polished bronze.

DIMENSIONS: Length, 60 mm; Width, 30mm; Height, 30mm.

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