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Write your history, design your future.


Where does it comes from the inner strength that pushes us to seek, appreciate and create “Venustas”, the beauty?

We can’t define how love for beauty takes shape, but beauty can be found wherever a sensitive eye can appreciate it.

The mother of beauty is nature, nevertheless, human beings pursue the creation of beauty almost as if the divine creative act were inside our soul. After all, man has always tried to leave an imprint of his passage on earth by releasing his own creative flair.

From cave drawings to Matisse's works, from Fabergè eggs to Patek Philippe complications, masterpieces of artistic and craft works are proof of man's inner drive towards the creation of "eternal" beauty.

These works common denominator is the intrinsic quality which is expressed in the choice of materials, in the craftsmanship technique that enhances their properties, in the avant-garde aesthetic taste that makes it timeless, in the ingenuity to design innovative objects far from standardized solutions. Might this be the recipe for timeless design?

The Brand

When defining something "beautiful" we refer to the characteristics of Venus, the goddess of beauty in Roman mythology.

In the first century before our era, the roman architect Vitruvius  wrote a treaty on architecture entitled De architectura.

That work has been enormously influential, especially during the Renaissance when it was rediscovered. In it he described the qualities a building should have, such as: Firmitas (Lat. Firmitas)- a building has to be solid, Vtilitas (Lat. Utilitas)- a building has to serve to a purpose, and finally, Venvstas (Lat. Venustas) - a building has to be beautiful.

At Venvstas we believe that the same principles can be applied to any project scale, therefore we have set our minds and souls into creating unique designs that will strive to honor all vitruvian principles at the same time.  


Product design is related to the evolution of mankind, therefor every product has his own social impact and environmental foot print.

Every product behind a display window has his own story and we wanted our to be ethical, sustainable and refined.

Fountain pens are particularly suitable tools to pursue the idea of creating a functional, elegant and fascinating object.

High quality materials, expert hand crafting and advanced manufacturing techniques combined with avant-gard design solutions.

These are the ingredients to create instruments that will last over time, our recipe to add intrinsic value to an object of product design. 

All our products, from packaging to the instruments their self are manufactured in Italy from skilled craft mans.

This is a major aspect for us and, even if is the most expensive market to work with, we will keep betting on Italian craftsmanship.

Moreover, we try to use the least amount of plastic and avoid any plating or coating to have the least environmental impact. 

On top of this we add the most careful customer service like only a boutique reality can give.

Luxury is not about impossible prices. Uniqueness, intrinsic value and cutting-edge design is luxury with the capitol “L”.

The Company

Established in 2019, Venvstas Italy is a registered brand owned by the company Sylbyca S.r.l.s.

The company is based in Parma where administration office and workshop facility  are located.

Venvstas is focused on designing and distributing their own products that are all manufactured in Italy. 

Our manufacturers span from north to center Italy but we try to keep the shortest production chain possible for multiple reasons.

The packaging is manufactured in Parma to continue a long tradition. 

Founder Background

During  three centuries the Carmignani family has been researching, creating and spreading the culture of "Beauty" through artistic and entrepreneurial initiatives in various fields.

"I could not remain extraneous to this legacy. I choose this activity with the sole intention of creating products of the highest quality. 

In the same way that I enjoy the aesthetic reward of my relatives paintings and I use the fragrances my father produced in the 1970s,

I like to imagine my great-grandchildren writing their thoughts with my fountain pens while looking at the earth from their lunar colony."


Filippo Carmignani Tirelli

Venvstas Italy Founder

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