Write you history, design your future.

Venvstas vision

In the first century before our era, the roman architect Vitruvius  wrote a treaty on architecture entitled De architectura.

That work has been enormously influential, especially during the Renaissance when it was rediscovered. In it he described the qualities a building should have, such as: Firmitas - a building has to be solid, Vtilitas - a building has to serve to a purpose, and finally, Venvstas - a building has to be beautiful.

To explain what is solid and what is useful can be a simple thing to do for many, but to describe beauty with words has always been a difficult task for the most. When defining something "beautiful" we refer to the characteristics of Venus, the goddess of beauty in Roman mythology. 

Everything that surrounds us has been designed from someone, even when we think it is not. However, most fo the times, aesthetic qualities  are neglected. The canon of beauty  it is as important as any other characteristic and it needs to be evaluated. Eventually the beauty is the result of a combination between  the choice and use of materials, the functionality and our sensorial perception.

At Venvstas we have set our minds and souls into creating unique objects that will not only carry the quality of Venus, but will honor all three vitruvian principles, striving for the harmony of them. Our pieces are crafted by hand with care and precision from italian artisans, built to last, designed without compromise to enhance yuor style.