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On this page you can find answers to common questions.

If you don't find a solution on this page, write to us on the CONTACT page.

Are the pens made by hand?

All pens are hand crafted and most models yes are totally hand made. Pens are tested prior shipping. 

Do you make custom models?

No, we don't. Nibs can be customized though, only for certain models and materials. 

If any questions, please,  write to us  and we will be happy to listen. 

Where are the pens made?

Pens are hand made in Italy. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. We ship world wide. Shipping time can vary a lot from country to country, so if you have any doubt, please, contact us.

Do you have videos or more information about the products?

Yes, we are working on a series of videos where you can have more information, specially on filling mechanisms,  you can anytime  click on the you-tube icon below or if you prefer you can click the  following link. You can also check product reviews here.

In the section "spirit" you can find a large image gallery where you will be able to browse pictures from our Instagram account. 

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