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Underlined by sophisticated aesthetics coupled with innovative construction methods, these are the only writing instruments in the world which features a fully linear carbon fiber body, one of the strongest, yet lightest, material on earth. To be processed, carbon fiber requires a mixture of technology, experience and skilled work that only our Italian artisans could have. 

Each pen comes from a 17cm element sawed with a diamond blade from a meter long tube.

It is then sawed again to create the individual components that must be labeled to match together smoothly when assembled.

Many more passages are needed before the carbon body elements are assembled together with stainless steel components machined to the tenth of a millimeter by sophisticated numerically controlled milling machines.

This is why we believe these instruments deserves to be numbered, they are unique pieces of craftsmanship, quite rare to find these days.

Last but certainly not least, a selection of best quality nibs allow to perform a smooth and playful writing experience.


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