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The Carbon Collection is an award winning set of unique writing/drawing instruments that are carefully hand crafted in Italy under the most rigorous QC in the industry. These pieces are made with extensive use of linear carbon fiber, a material with unique functional properties, characteristics, feel and aesthetics, that is at the same time difficult to work with, making us to produce with it in limited quantities. Therefore all items are serial numbered. The collection is composed of the Venvstas Magna, a unique piston filler with N6 titanium nibs as standard, oriented to those looking for performance, where big ink capacity and carbon are coupled with titanium or 14k gold nibs in a unique blend.
The Carbon T (T for technique) was first designed as an “architect's fountain pen” but it has shown to be a real all runner with its combination of streamlined design and versatility. Both pens can be protected with the Venvstas Carrier pen case, the ultimate accessory, an object that captivates by the look of the carbon and the synthesis of its design. Finally, the Designer 8 is for us how a 2mm mechanical pencil should be, its pure function, simply the world's best drawing utensil in its class.

T H E  C A R B O N   C O L L E C T I O N 

"No design is possible until the materials with which you design are completely understood."
                                                     Mies Van der Rohe