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"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” 
                              Charles Eams

Design characteristics:

While writing keep the pen vertical to avoid to hit the paper with the brass element where the ball point comes out.

Filling system:

Schmidt easyflow ( included )
Body and barrel:

Hand sanded unidirectional carbon fiber 

Metal Components:

Lead free brass

Lenght 150 mm, Diametre 10 mm,

Weight 28 gr.

Manufactured through 30 steps and assembled by hand, the whole process to create a single instrument take up to 35 minutes of manual work.
The Sped-Ball is a roller ball click pen with a very soft, nearly impercep- tible, click. Probably the more robust and functional instrument we have created. The refill can be replaced by unscrewing the two elements that compose the pen.

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