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T H E   M A G N A

"Form and function should be one,  joined in a spiritual union."
                                 Frank Lloyd Wright 

The 14k variant is back in stock. in stock.

The Venvstas Magna is a piston filler fountain with a unique design that has been refined to a point where nothing can be added, nor subtracted, packing together stunning linear carbon fiber and a rare selection of titanium and gold nibs.

MATERIALS: Hand sanded linear carbon fiber and stainless steel.
NIBS: Number 6 F/M/B Titanium or 14k solid gold. 
DIMENSIONS: Length, 155 mm. Diameter ,12 mm. Weight, 24 g.
SYSTEM: 2.0ml carbon fiber Venvstas Power Piston Filler. (to use with bottled ink) 


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